Martine Teunissen has been active for the past 10 years in re-creating the past for educational means by organising historical events, giving lectures and creating educational programs, all by using live costumed interpretation in first and third person. She created her company: ‘Experience the Past (Beleef Het Verleden) in 2008 after finishing her research-master at the University of Leiden where she studied the field of public history. ‘Living History Academy’ is one of the services that Beleef Het Verleden (will) offer starting in september 2017.

Martine Teunissen: “My passion for public history has led to the creation of this company. During my research master at the Leiden University I have spend 6 months in Virginia at the College of William and Mary and there I have analysed the representation of the past in the open air museum Colonial Williamsburg. This magnificent open air museum has inspired me to further discover the world of living history as a valuable means of teaching history. Beleef Het Verleden is a continuance of research and practice in this field. How is history recreated in an educational and attractive manner? How do you present academic knowledge to a general public?

For more information on Beleef het Verleden: www.beleefhetverleden.nl / www.experiencethepast.org.

Martine Teunissen