How it works

We will try to get funding for the development of the video lessons in order to keep the costs as low as possible for your education in live costumed interpretation.

You will purchase your educational video-series and will be able to follow this in your own time at any chosen moment. In the first year that we are starting every month a new video will become available.

The video-series will contain several lessons about topics considering public history, live costumed interpretation, first and third person interpretation, other interpretive techniques etc. Your teacher will be Martine Teunissen but also many other experts in this field who will contribute as guest teachers and via interviews. Also project film material will be shown in order to teach you about several ways of approaching this rich field of interpretation.

We will plan live Questions and Answers sessions as part of your education.

In addition or as a follow up you can choose to have live trainings that can be developed regarding your personal wishes. And you can participate in the new standard Certified Live Interpreter Course that has been developed by Interpret Europe and Past Pleasures.