Living History is a method, an educational approach, that has been used since the 1930s to attract public to historical sites and to engage them with the past. There are several definitions, and the terminology changed and broadened or narrowed with the change of times. (see definitions).

Nowadays the terminology often refers to ‘reenactment’ or to live costumed interpretation.

The course will explain the history of the method, the differents aspects and techniques and will show how the method is used today to help people have a better understanding of the past. A great part of the course will be about the profession of the live costumed interpreter. How to become the best interpreter. And for museums: how to implement this technique to create the best experience for your visitor.

We are setting up a cooperation with Interpret Europe, an international membership-based association with charitable status that serves all who use first-hand experiences to give natural and cultural heritage a deeper meaning. This is within the framework of the Live Interpretion Workgroup of which I (Martine Teunissen) am a member. Together we are looking into possibilities of funding for the creation of the video-lessons. In this manner we can keep the prices low and make sure that this education is available for as many people as possile, all over the world. Please leave your name and email-address so we can update you about our actions to make the course online available in 2019.

This course will also be a good introduction to the live course that has been developed with Interpret Europe and Past Pleasures: the Certified Live Intepreter Course. This live course will be held again in authem 2019. We are planning on filming parts of the training to be able to incorporate this again in the video-lessons, so it becomes a great way of learning, both online and in live action.


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